Service Level Agreement

Downtime can negatively impact your end users experience.

We understand that uptime is crucial for any serious business. That's why we have implemented a 99.99% SLA across the entire platform.

If you have any doubts about how much of impact downtime can have on your site, and by default your business then consider that Amazon’s own server’s caused their site to be offline for 13 minutes on Prime Day in 2018, and this is said to have cost them almost $100,000,000 in sales. That is over $120,000 every second.

100% Node Uptime

We only utilize data centers with highest levels of reliability in terms of redundancy and standards, ensuring 100% Node uptime.

100% Network Uptime

Our network was designed from the ground to be reliable, redundant and easily scalable. 100% Network uptime is guaranteed.

Service interruption compensation

Shall we be in breach of our Service Level Agreement, you are entitled to service interruption compensation as outlined below.

In case we are unable to meet our Service Level Agreement, you receive credits based on the Cloud Server hourly cost.

600-1800 seconds<99.99%12 hours
30-60 minutes<99.95%24 hours
1-3 hours<99.9%48 hours
3-6 hours<99.5%96 hours
6 hours+<99%384 hours