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We are a RIPE NCC member, the organisation responsible for handing out IP addresses and ASN numbers in Europe as a LIR (Local Internet Registry).

ASN registration

ASN Registration

If you don't have your own AS Number, we can make a ASN registration for you.
You can start the process from your customer area.

Registration Process

The AS Number registration process takes around one week on average. We are managing for you each phase of the process.

  • Registration request
    You provide us with the elements we need to establish the agreement for you to sign.
  • Contract preparation and signature
    We prepare your contract and send it to you for signature.
  • Payment and application submission
    You pay the registration fee and we forward your application to RIPE.
  • Your AS number is assigned
    RIPE assigns your AS number and you can start using it.

How much does it cost to register an ASN?

ASN registration cost 80 EUR the first year then 40 EUR/year of maintenance fees.

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ASN registration
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What is an AS Number?

AS numbers, or ASNs, are unique 16 bit numbers between 1 and 65534 or 32 bit numbers between 131072 and 4294967294. They are presented in this format: AS(number) and helps to identify networks on the Internet.
For example, our network ASN is AS35661.

AS numbers are assigned by an RIR (Regional Internet Registry) such as RIPE to networks that are looking to announce IP Addresses Space using the BGP protocol.

ASNs are required for communications between routers.
Each AS uses BGP to announce which IP addresses they are responsible for and which other ASes they connect to. BGP routers keep all this information from ASes around the world and put it into databases called routing tables to determine the fastest paths each ASes. When packets arrive, BGP routers refer to their routing tables to determine which AS the packet should go to next.

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