VPS with BGP Session

Announce your own network to the World.

BGP session

How is VPS with BGP working?

You can request anytime for BGP sessions directly from your customer area. Your session will be set-up on our side automatically in just a few minutes.

Once your session is ready, your prefixes will be announced to our upstream providers and peering exchanges such as FranceIX, HOPUS, DE-CIX in whatever location you choose to deploy your server.

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BGP session
BGP Configuration
'BGP Configuration


We will provide you all you need to configure your BGP daemon.
Example of configuration are provided for FRR, Quagga and BIRD.
You can install VyOS, pfSense and Mikrotik CHR in one-click as well.

'BGP routing

Routing table and communities

We support IPv4 and IPv6 and we can share with you our full routing table or just a default route depending on your choice.

You keep full control of your announces with our BGP communities.
The complete documentation is available in your customer area.

'BGP routing
DDoS Protection
DDoS Protection

Advanced DDoS Protection for your BGP network

Safeguard your network from DDoS attacks with proactive measures.

Our system automatically diverts traffic under attack to our mitigation appliance, ensuring only clean traffic reaches you.

Customize protection rules to fit your specific requirements.

Interested? Contact us for details and pricing.

This feature is available on all our offers free of charge!

Our technical support is available to assist you with any questions you may have about this feature.
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If you don't have your own AS Number, we can make a ASN registration for you.
Get your own ASN