Instant activation

Just hit the deploy button and your cloud server setup will automagicaly begin.

We'll let you follow the setup process step by step and your credentials will be available right after the final restart.

Top-up your account and let's begin!

Payment methods we are offering

Hourly billing

No long-term contracts, top-up your account and pay only for what you use.

Billing start when the initial setup is done and stop when you remove the server.

If you need more resources, you can instantly upgrade your cloud server in two clicks.

How to scale my cloud server?

Virtual Console Access

The virtual console is a browser-based secure VNC client.

It's using a HTML5 VNC Client, making it compatible with all recent browsers.

You can retrieve access anytime to your server and see what's happening on the screen.

Very useful if you want to install your own system with a Custom ISO.

Explore our custom ISOs library

Easily Scalable

You server need more CPU, memory or disk space?

You can request any-time to upgrade or downgrade your cloud server without any data-loss.

No reinstall needed, your server will just be restarted during the process.

You can choose to upgrade your server disk or not.
Keeping your actual disk space allow to downgrade later.

Learn more about the hourly billing

Emergency rescue

The rescue mode will help you to recover from critical errors and to perform recovery tasks.

Your server will boot on the network and you'll be provided a SSH root access on a Debian live.
From here, you'll be able to mount your virtual server disk and work on your system in order to bring it back to normally.

The rescue mode can be used too to backup your data or clone your system to a another server.

Our support team is here for you

DDoS Protection

All our cloud servers came with "on demand" DDoS Protection offered for free.

How does it work?

Once a DDoS attack is detected, your server traffic is re-routed through our mitigation appliance
which surgically removes malicious traffic.

"Always on" DDoS Protection is also possible, please contact us if you require permanent protection.

Learn more about our network infrastructure

IPv6 Support

What's IPv6?

IPv6 is the new version of the Internet Protocol, designed to replace the current format, known as IPv4.

To those who are unfamiliar with Internet technologies, IPv4 addresses, like phone numbers are assigned hierarchically, and thus, have inherent inefficiency. The world’s Internet population has been growing and the number of Internet-connected devices continues to rise, with no end in sight.

Today, the Internet is running out of IPv4 addresses and IPv6 provide a endless amount of IP addresses.

To encourage IPv6 adoption, each Cloud Server starts off with one IPv6 address (/128).
IPv6 address allocation can be disabled, if you don't need it.

Do you need more IPv6 addresses?

Feel free to request a /64 block, without any extra-cost.