Acceptable Usage Policy

Everyone should enjoy the same experience.

The usage of the Service (hereinafter reference to as "Virtua.Cloud") and / or the Services provided by VIRTUA SYSTEMS and subsidiaries (hereinafter referenced to as "Virtua.Cloud", "we", "us", "our") is subordinate to the following Acceptable Usage Policy. By using the Service and / or the Services, You agree to comply with this Acceptable Usage Policy. Furthermore, You also agree that You will inform any other party, which You granted access the Service through Your user account and / or access to the Services provided to you, and require them to comply with this Acceptable Usage Policy.

Hereinafter, "You" applies to both You and any other third-party that is granted access to the Service and / or the Services through you.

TL;DR Summary

  • Illegal activities and copyright violations are not allowed.
  • Do not use the service to send spam or phishing emails.
  • Do not use the service to distribute harmful or malicious software.
  • Do not use the service to mine cryptocurrency without explicit permission.
  • Do not harass or harm other users or the service itself.
  • Do not use the service to distribute adult content without appropriate measures.
  • Do not use the service for high bandwidth activities like media streaming or file sharing without Virtua.Cloud's permission.
  • Do not try to probe, scan, or test the vulnerability of any system or network.
  • You are responsible for the actions performed by your account, including any damages resulting from your actions.
  • Violation of these rules may result in suspension or termination of your services.

No unlawful or prohibited use

By using the Service and / or the Services, You agree that You will not use the Service and / or the Services for any purpose that is breaching law or is otherwise prohibited by this Acceptable Usage Policy. You also agree that You will not use the Service and / or the Services in any manner that could damage or otherwise negatively impact the Services provided by Virtua.Cloud.

Prohibited Use

The Services is designed to provide cloud computing resources to You. The following list provides examples, but is not limited to, of prohibited uses of the Service and the Services. In accordance with this Acceptable Usage Policy, You have to refrain from using the Service and / or the Services for such uses.

  • Child pornography
  • Websites related to gambling without proper licensing
  • Pirated software or content
  • Intellectual property that does not belong to you
  • Sending, transmitting or processing Spam or ANYTHING related to spam
  • Crypto currency mining, farming, plotting or any resource-intensive utilization related to crypto currency
  • ToR exit nodes. ToR relay nodes are allowed.
  • Public proxy servers
  • Participate in DoS/DDoS attacks
  • Use that can cause hardware dammage or destruction
  • Any other activity that illegal in France and / or the location of Your Services

Notification of Authorities

Upon discovery or notification of breaching the Acceptable Usage Policy by performing activity deemed illegal as specified above, Virtua.Cloud may at its sole discretion report it to the appropriate authorities in order to protect itself and other users of the Service and / or the Services.

Termination / Restrictions

Virtua.Cloud has no obligation to monitor the Services provided to You through the Service, however, Virtua.Cloud reserves the right to temporarily or permanently restrict access to material and / or services provided by You at its sole discretion in accordance with the Terms of Service, Acceptable Usage Policy and governing law.


If you violate any of the terms of our Acceptable Usage Policy or Terms of Service, you may be subject to penalties. These penalties are determined at the sole discretion of Virtua.Cloud and may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Temporary or permanent suspension of your account.
  • Fees or charges to cover any direct or collateral damages caused by your activities. These could include, but are not limited to, costs related to excess bandwidth usage, hardware repair or replacement, legal fees, and third-party claims.

If you intentionally violate our policies ('designedly' breach), you agree to pay any damages caused by such activities. An intentional violation is one where you knowingly and deliberately engage in prohibited activities, even after being informed of their prohibitive nature.

'Unwitting violations' are those where you unknowingly violate our policies or where the violation was not intentional. In such cases, penalties may or may not be applied, depending on the specific circumstances of the violation. This includes factors such as your past usage patterns and any prior violations.

If you are assessed penalty fees, you will be notified of the charges and are required to settle them within 7 days. If you fail to settle these charges within the given period, your account may be suspended, and the charges may be forwarded to collections.

We reserve the right to report any illegal activities to the relevant authorities, in addition to enforcing these penalties.

User Responsibility for Content

As a user of Virtua.Cloud, you are solely responsible for all content that you host, post, or share through our services. This includes, but is not limited to, websites, files, software, multimedia, and any other types of data.

You must ensure that your content:

  • Complies with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others.
  • Does not contain harmful or malicious software such as viruses, worms, or trojans.
  • Does not involve activities that are prohibited by our Acceptable Usage Policy or Terms of Service.

If we discover content that violates our policies or the law, we may take action at our sole discretion. This can include removing the offending content, suspending your account, or reporting the violation to the appropriate authorities.

By using our services, you agree to comply with these content rules and accept the potential consequences of non-compliance.


Virtua.Cloud may take down particular Services provided to You through the Service upon receipt of takedown notices from copyright owners or governments in order to comply with the law. This procedure may be conducted with or without prior notification.