Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions our customers have asked us.

Acceptable Usage

Can I run a game server on my Cloud Server?

Yes of course, you can run almost anything you want on your VPS. You are the only captain on board.
Just take care to respect our "Acceptable Usage Policy" before ordering.

Is TUN/TAP allowed on my VPS?

Yes, TUN/TAP is allowed by default on all our VPS. You can run OpenVPN , WireGuard or any VPN software you like.

Can I send email marketing or spam?

No, we do not allow our servers to be used for any kind of mass-mailing, be it newsletters or anything else.

Is "port25" SMTP open?

By default, port 25 is closed. You can request us to open it from your customer area.
Keep in mind that sending marketing emails is not allowed from our network.

We are a clean, compliant emailing company with no issues.Can we use your services?


We are a brand new company and we are looking for a premium service allowing us to send "transactional emails".Can we use your services?


Can I scan or do stress testing from my VPS?

No, any kind of scanning, flood, DoS or other "stress testing" shall lead to the termination of your services.

Can I use my VPS for mining, farming or plotting?

This type of use can lead to hardware destruction and impact the quality of our services to our customers.
We do not tolerate it and it shall lead to the permanent termination of your services.

Can I host a phishing site?

No, hosting any kind of phishing shall lead to the termination of your services.

Can I use TOR on my VPS?

Yes, as long it is not used for illegal purposes. However, TOR exit nodes are not allowed on our network.

Do you have questions about our services or do you need help?

You can reach us by email, we are always happy to help.

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