Our infrastructure

Because everything isn't virtual.


Our main cloud platform is located in the DC2 datacenter of Iliad in Vitry-sur-Seine, just outside Paris.
The datacenter has been built using the highest standards for power, cooling, and security.

Since August, we are offering our services at CIV datacenter in Lille.
At the crossroads of London, Paris and Brussel, this datacenter is located 300km up north of our main location.
Both locations are interconnected and are working independently, ideal if you are looking for redundancy.

Some new locations are planned to be added in 2021, so stay tuned!


We manage our own servers and are operating our own Internet network.
To provide you the best service possible, we are working with premium-grade hardware
like Dell servers and Cisco network equipments.

We started in early 2020 to provide cloud servers based on new AMD Ryzen CPUs (3900X) with NMVe storage.
If you are looking for a blazing fast VPS server, you are in the good place.

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We're opering our own Internet network (AS35661) through different Tier-1 ISPs.
We interconnect ourselves to other operators on different Internet Exchange Point.

Our Core Network is fully redundant, powered by Cisco routers.
We're using redundant BGP upstream connectivity to multiple providers to ensure a full network redundancy.

All our network is dual stack IPv4 and IPv6, all our upstrem providers and peerings are configured with both IPv4 and IPv6.



Cogent is a multinational Tier 1 Internet Service Provider consistently ranked as one of the top five networks in the world.



OpenTransit is Orange's Tier 1 backbone network, designed to bring a top performing internet service available globally.



HOPUS is a private Exchange Point, connecting it's members with the best guaranties, without loss or saturation.

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France-IX is a french major Exchange Point place who federate all french operators in Paris with a high quality of service.

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DE-CIX Frankfurt


DE-CIX Frankfurt is one of the largest Internet Exchange in the heart of Europe.

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LILLIX is a growing Internet Exchange Point based of Northern France and Eurometropolis.

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